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TWSTR ETHA3/ETHA3M - Tuxedo [Matte/Polished Black] [IN STOCK]

TWSTR ETHA3/ETHA3M - Tuxedo [Matte/Polished Black] [IN STOCK]

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This is the TWSTR ETHA3M/ETHA3 Body kit! 

This project will serve as an opportunity to engage in a brand new, yet extremely important market for the TWSTR Brand. With the versatility of the ETHA3/EMEK platform it will provide for a lower point of entry for both customers that have yet to invest in our brand due to previously high price points and demand as well is the current hobbyist owners that would like to build their own TWSTR from an existing ETHA3/EMEK marker.

The body is milled from solid aluminum billet, creating a robust lightweight exterior that can now be custom anodized making this already popular platform, even more desirable. The body is a direct replacement for the stock ETHA3M/ETHA3 body.

The Inception 3 body kit includes the following:

    • Custom milled aluminum gun body for the Planet Eclipse ETHA 3M and ETHA 3 (Matte Black)
    • Custom milled aluminum back cap (Matte Black)
    • Custom milled aluminum detent covers (Matte Black)
    • Inception FLE low rise feedneck (Matte Black)
    • Inception Designs Fang trigger (Polished Black)
    • Inception Designs  Secret Pin
    • Inception Designs Stella Slimline Barrel Front (Polished Black)
    • Inception Designs Stella Barrel Back PWR (Matte Black)
    • Inception Designs EZ P Z ASA (Polished Black)
    • Planet Eclipse .690 PWR Insert
    • Outlaw Anodizing 20% Off Discount Anodizing Card
    • TWSTR Certificate of Authenticity  
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