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THIS IS A PREORDER ITEM: We anticipate to START shipping PREORDERs in 1-2 weeks, they will ship as they arrive from our manufacturing partners. Factors outside of our control can result in longer lead times, please note this is NOT an in-stock item.

In the world of paintball, every ounce counts. That's why JT Ultra Air Tanks are a game-changer. These are the lightest carbon fiber tanks you'll find anywhere in the US, tipping the scales at a feathery 1.99lbs (without a regulator). Also Included with EVERY TWSTR AIR80 Bottle is the full TWSTR AIR PROtech package of performance and protective accessories:

Weight Comparision
[OLD] AIR80 GEN1 (w/ GRYP) + HAYMAKR Regulator - 2.9lb (1340g)
[NEW] AIR80 GEN2 (w/ PROtech Kit) + MGS TKO Regulator - 2.4lb (1109g)
[NEW] AIR80 Bottle (NO PROTech Kit, bottle only) - 1.9lb (888g)

AIR80 Package Features:

  • 80ci 4500psi Ultra Lite Weight Carbon Fiber Tank
  • Five year hydro retest cycle
  • ISO USA certified
  • TWSTR AIR x EXALT Tank Case [Stormfront Gray]
  • TWSTR AIR x EXALT Tank Grip [Stormfront Gray]
  • TWSTR AIR x EXALT Fill Nipple Cover/Leash [Stormfront Gray]
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