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Planet Eclipse Paintball

Planet Eclipse TWSTR LV2 SLR - NYX Tri-Fade

Planet Eclipse TWSTR LV2 SLR - NYX Tri-Fade

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CUSTOM PRODUCT PREORDER TERMS: This is a build-to-order custom product, in purchasing you agree to the terms that any/all refunds or exchanges will result in a 50% restocking fee. 

The TWSTR SLR Platform is embodiment of modern day custom, a true refinement of Planet Eclipse's the pro-proven flagship marker. For the first time ever we are celebrating the TEAMS that have brought our brand to the highest stage in our sport..  Limited to only 10 TOTAL MARKERS (5 LV2 / 5 CS3) each marker is anodized and  finished to pay respect to the teams that proudly represent the TWSTR in the Pro ranks.. Featuring 3D Flow contoured “Twister” body-wrapped milling spanning the entire bespoke body from barrel to boltcap, creates an aggressive and unique marker profile.

The TEAM Edition is all about the details. Featuring TWSTR Exclusive Edition Gold hardware to accent even the smallest detail of the marker. Feedneck Thumbwheel, Feedneck Hex Bolt, LV2 Bolt Pin, POPs push button, pop asa mounting screws, trigger pin and the frame screws all produced by Planet Eclipse to factory specifications. A reminder that each player's chase for gold is within their reach by shooting a TWSTR marker.

Exclusive to the CS3 platform we are including for the first time ever the TWSTR Exclusive Stormfront Gray CS3 Grips produced by Planet Eclipse as a part of a limited run. 

To fully complete the look each TEAM Edition marker will include a TWSTR edition JT jersey created specifically for each package and autographed by the entire team.  

On the performance side.... Committed Paintball’s in-house tech team has (through months of on field testing) developed the “XCII Tuning Package” which includes a TSL Splash Screen, a custom coded "DESTROY" mode as well as further refinement of the stock settings (electronic values as well as mechanical adjustments to ensure a true performance driven experience and optimized operation for each owner right out of the box and right to the field with no adjustments needed. 

Each TEAM Edition marker package will include a TEAM Edition-specific Certificate of Authenticity and custom limited team edition packaging, which will certify not only this is an official custom product verified by our build team, but will also record the original owner’s name, factory serial number and edition number in our master database for warranty & security purposes and more importantly…. bragging rights.

As with every custom Committed Paintball marker the original owner will receive LIFETIME FREE LABOR at any Boston Paintball retail location plus you’ll find a limited edition Boston Paintball Sticker Sheet tucked away in your zip-case.


The Ego. An era-defining marker. An 18 year legacy. Not just for Planet Eclipse, but for paintball itself. The Ego redefined the standards of performance and reliability that became the benchmark for all others to be measured against and still are to this day, 18 years since its original debut.

Improving on its predecessor, the indomitable LV1, has not been an easy task. A marker that has stood the test of time in every competitive and recreational scenario it has been subjected to. But improve we must and of course, improve we have. Utilizing the incredible Lever-Valve design that made the LV1 such a revolutionary marker was never in question. Its ability to produce arguably the quietest and softest shot characteristic in paintball is proven, but we can always take things further and go beyond better.

The Ego LV2 pushes that concept of improvement with an all new body that provides increased internal volume, a new Cure FT bolt design that generates even lower operating pressures of approximately 115psi, and subsequently an even quieter and softer shot than before. The result is what we consider to be the finest shooting stacked tube marker of all time. And, as promised, it's hoseless.

The latest evolution of one of the most iconic and enduring marker designs in paintball history. The one that has been so eagerly anticipated by so many, for so long. The one to continue its dominant legacy. The one to inspire a new generation of Egomaniacs.

The Ego LV2.


+ NEW Hoseless design
+ NEW HPR and LPR assembly
+ NEW OLED display module
+ NEW LED status indicator
+ NEW Wraparound grips with sealed pushbuttons
+ NEW Fully contoured foregrip
+ NEW MME (Modular Marker Electronics) electronics package
+ NEW Shaft S63 modular barrel system (2 PWR inserts included .689 & .685)
+ NEW Wireless compatibility (wireless comms board required)
+ NEW Toolless eye covers
+ NEW Cure FT bolt
+ NEW Larger valve chamber and lower operating pressure
+ NEW Semi rigid carry case
+ NEW Spare onboard detents
+ NEW Lowrise feedtube w/lever locator
+ NEW 2 Year manufacturer warranty
+ User-serviceable SMC solenoid Dual SFR (flow controls) bolt speed control adjustment
+ USB E-Portal compatibility
+ Stacked tube poppet Lever Valve operation
+ Zick3 Rammer assembly - Heavy and lightweight rammers included
+ 115psi operating pressure
+ 9V battery powered
+ Blade trigger (compatible with 170R/CS1/GEO4 trigger shoes)
+ 5-point trigger adjustability
+ Spring and magnetic trigger return mechanisms
+ Micro-switch trigger sensor
+ Deftek offset feed system
+ Comprehensive spares bundle
+ SFR Adjustment Tool
+ Online instruction and tech videos
+ FaceBook Planet Eclipse Tech Hub support

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