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Planet Eclipse Paintball

Planet Eclipse S63 Barrel - 14" Black

Planet Eclipse S63 Barrel - 14" Black

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Planet Eclipse 14", S63 Pro Barrel System black, Cocker-Thread

The S63 Pro with high precision PWR inserts is the most advanced, accurate and efficient three-piece barrel system Planet Eclipse has ever released. S63 Pro is the short form for Shaft 6, 3-piece Barrel System.

The PWR inserts used are different from conventional XL sleeves from other manufacturers. In simple barrel systems with sleeves, the extended part of the thread is the first to contact the firing chamber (marker breech). Second comes the insert, which has the consequence that the paintball "falls" into it during the shot which can lead to breaks.

The S63 Pro is different. Here the PWR Insert sits flush to the the marker breech and there is no step anymore. This means that there is no possibility of the paintball being ripped at this critical point.

The Offset Double Helix Porting causes the paintball to have a spin, which leads to a stable flying and thus a higher accuracy.

The S63 Pro is completely modular designed and built. In the near future there will be special MagFed inserts for First Strike Paintballs as well as a new two-piece CQB tip that allows you to mount many different aftermarket muzzlebreaks with 22mm threads. From Supair to Magfed and back again. The S63 Pro is at home anywhere.

- Three-piece custom sleeve barrel system made of aluminum.
- S63 Pro barrel front section with offset double helix porting
- S63 Pro barrel rear section with insert sight window
- Ultra-lightweight barrel system with aggressive milling
- With Autococker quick threads
- Compatible with Shaft FL replacement rubber grips
- Compatible with 8.5" PWR inserts
- Includes .689 PWR case (black)

Technical Data:
Technology: Three-piece barrel system with 8.5" PWR inserts
Length barrel: 14,5"
Length sleeve: 8,5"
Weight: 115,5 gr (incl. back, front and sleeve)
Thread: Autococker quick threads

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