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Planet Eclipse Paintball

Planet Eclipse MG100 - HDE Camo

Planet Eclipse MG100 - HDE Camo

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Magfed paintball means accuracy, reliability and consistency are of critical importance - every shot counts! Planet Eclipse has brought their legendary reliability, world-class performance and ingenuity to the world of magfed paintball with their EMF100 paintball gun! Lightweight and modular, able to be accessorized and built into the perfect magfed paintball gun for anyone, the EMF100 shoots .68 caliber paintballs or First Strike rounds, features plenty of accessory and sight rails, uses Dye DAM magazines or new Eclipse CF20 mags, operates at low pressure and is simple to clean and maintain thanks to the paintball gun's remarkable Gamma Core drivetrain. For serious magfed paintball players, the EMF100 magfed paintball gun is a remarkable tool to carry into battle!


Gamma Core Drivetrain
Spool Valve Operation
MagFed And Hopper Fed Configurations
Compatible with Shaped and Round Ball Projectiles
PAL Enabled (In Hopper-Fed Configuration)
Includes PAL Feedneck And Blanking Mag
Includes Drop Stock Adaptor
Includes 1 x CF20 Magazine
Includes Eclipse Spring And Follower Upgrade Kit
Hoseless Air Transfer System
135 PSI Operating Pressure
ST1 Bolt
Toolless Detent Access
GRN Construction
SL4 Inline Regulator
Shaft 4/5 Compatible 14.5" Two-Piece Barrel
Battery Free Playing Experience
Compatible With Eclipse PWR Stock
Compatible With MOE™ Rail Panels
Compatible With DYE DTM Magazines
CQB And Carbine EMC Rail Configurations

Construction: Composite
Operating System: Gamma Core Spool Valve
Caliber: .68 caliber paintballs or First Strike Projectiles
Air Power Source: Compressed Air HPA ONLY
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