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Nicky Cuba XSV ICON Series Jersey - Autographed

Nicky Cuba XSV ICON Series Jersey - Autographed

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The return of one of the most iconic jerseys is here and paying homage ot one of the greatest players to ever pick up a marker.....Nicky "Night Night" Cuba.

 A complete re-master of his iconic Camo PRO jersey, autographed by the man himself!

This iconic design makes this still one of the most sought-after collectible jerseys in paintball today. This series of jerseys allow you to have a legendary jersey that you can either hang up or use on the field without risking a piece of history.

Odyssey JT jerseys have more durable forearms, gauntlets that fit around your hand and are made of a more durable velcro-resistant material that prints brighter. Dynasty will be wearing Odyssey Pro jerseys this year.

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