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Bunkerkings CTRL2 Loader - TWSTR Edition [PREORDER]

Bunkerkings CTRL2 Loader - TWSTR Edition [PREORDER]

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TWSTR Edition CTRL2 Storm Chaser Package Features:
- Exclusive Storm Gray Colorway (Interior/Exterior/Ramps/DriveHub)
- TWSTR DriveHub (UltraSoft Paddles to handle the most brittle paint)
- TWSTR Umbrella Thumbwheel (Funnel-to-feed)
- OG & 240 Shells (Adapt to your capacity needs)
- Speedfeed & Rain Lid (Adapt to your conditions)

Optional ADD-ON:
TWSTR Loader Case (Fully branded and padded)

TWSTR x BK Loader Case - TWSTR Edition [PREORDER] – Committed Paintball
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    THIS IS A PREORDER ITEM: We anticipate to START shipping PREORDERs in 4-6 weeks, they will ship as they arrive from our manufacturing partners. Factors outside of our control can result in longer lead times, please note this is NOT an in-stock item.


    Building on the perfectly-balanced, jam-free performance of the original CTRL paintball loader, the CTRL2 features an updated drive system designed to increase off-the-break performance by replacing the drive cone with a torque-increasing drive hub. Shoot faster out of the gate and reload every last ball in your pod easier than ever with more room on the interior of the loader.



    Includes OG & +40 top shell as standard

    Fast reliable jam-proof feeding

    Improved feeding performance

    Soft on brittle paint

    Toolless design

    Easily cleanable toolless raceway

    Durable glass filled nylon construction

    Simple no-programming operation

    Lightweight, perfectly balanced design

    Multiple size capacity options (OG, +20, +40, +60, +80 upgradable shells)

    Multiple drive hub options (ultra-soft finger and firm finger upgradable drive hubs)

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