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Hurricanes Gulf Storm - ProFlex Package [INCLUDES MILKY WHITE SUPERDEAD EARS]

Hurricanes Gulf Storm - ProFlex Package [INCLUDES MILKY WHITE SUPERDEAD EARS]

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The Hurricanes Gulf Storm Proflex Package has arrived!

- Cobalt/White Proflex Skirt
- Cobalt Proflex Frame
- Black Proflex Ears
- Black Widow Thermal Spectra Lens
- TWSTR x SUPERDEAD Milky White Breeze Ears
- TWSTR x SUPERDEAD Toolless Aluminum Hardware 
- TWSTR x Hurricanes Proflex "Roll Canes" Strap

The TWSTER x SD Breeze ears are a completely new design for 2024 focusing on the standard shape/size ears as previous but with all new design features and engineered tricks!
The vent designs replicate that of the 'Eye of the Storm' cascading down to the main event, being the symbolic Twister Tornado Logo!

Injection moulded from Polyurethene Rubber, these ears have a Tensile Strength of 10-40MPa, Flexural Strength of 28-44MPa, Shore A Hardness of 70 and an Elongation breaking rate of 300%!!


TWSTR Breeze Ear Kit Includes Toolless TWSTR hardware!

SuperSafe, SuperDurable, SuperReliable, SuperExclusive: SuperDead.

Be the NEW envy of every field.

* Kit comes un-assembled, as to allow for less work in creating your perfect configuration (or parting).
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