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TWSTR AXE Final4 Kit - Indigo

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The final 4 of the 60 TWSTR AXE bodies, never to be reproduced, featuring a1-off anodizing scheme and DYE UL Barrel tip.

Boston Paintball has teamed up with Empire Paintball & Inception designs to refine the pro-proven AXE Platform and add an affordable option to our legendary TWSTR platform. Utilizing the minimalist contours of their wildly popular "FLE" milling scheme, Inception was able to incorporate the essence of previous iconic twister design cues. The result of combining these milling mindsets is a radically lightweight body that does not sacrifice the identity of the TWSTR name.

- TWSTR SPEC Body (Classic AXE Platform)
- Vanquish Feedneck
- 14" DYE UL Barrel Tip