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Tippmann Alpha Black Elite

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Prepare to take on your paintball opponents! The Alpha Black Elite from Tippmann is the successor to the popular Alpha Black. The Alpha Black was originally designed to be a simple, no nonsense milsim paintball marker on its own but players immediately wanted to adapt and modify it with other upgrades. The Elite model was engineered to make it faster and easier for players to mod and accessorize their marker.

Built for US Army by Tippmann, the Alpha Black Elite uses the proven 98 Custom internals for reliable performance in the worst of conditions. The cast aluminum body is built to withstand all the abuse the rocks and trees of the woodsball field can dish out. Unlike the old Alpha Black, the Elite will accept the Alpha Black E-Grip, Tippmann 98 Response Trigger and Cyclone feed System. The design incorporates a 7/8" tactical rail on the receiver and comes with a removable carry handle with rear sight. The barrel shroud now has a bottom forward 7/8" rail for convenient mounting of bipods, flashlights, lasers, etc. The Alpha Black Elite gives you more options to mod your marker for the future!