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Spyder Fenix [Gloss Red] + Halo Too Loader Combo

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Kingman Spyder Fenix Paintball Marker - Gloss Blue

  • Air Efficient EKO™ Valve System (Patent Pending) shoots up to 1600 shots from a 20 oz CO2 tank
  • "Synergy Engineering" Low Pressure Dual Air Source System
  • Overall Profile (25% Lighter and 15% Shorter)
  • 25 BPS rate of Fire
  • 3 Modes of Operation (Semi-Auto, Ramp PSP, & Ramp Millennium)
  • LEAP II Circuit Board with Rear Facing Color Access Mode Display (CAMD)
  • Break Beam Eye (Anti-Chop System)
  • Dual Ball Detents with Aluminum Eye Covers
  • Quick Release Delrin Bolt - 11' Micro Ported Barrel
  • Aluminum Clamping Feedneck - 3 Way Adjustable Magnetic Response 'Saber' Trigger
  • Recessed Dual Texture Grip Panels - High Impact Polymer Trigger Frame
  • Fast Charge Adjustable Inline Regulator - Standard Thread CA Vertical Adapter
  • Steel Braided Hose
  • External Velocity Adjust
  • All Aluminum Constructed Body
  • Compatible with a Spyder 9.6v Rechargeable Battery or a Premium 9v Alkaline Battery (not included)
  • Operates on CO2 or Compressed Air


The Empire Halo Too is the best performing loader for the money. With a cost that is less than half the price of some top loaders, the outstanding performance of this paintball loader will make this an easy choice for most players. The ultra-quiet belt drive will force-feed 20+ balls-per-second, allowing your marker to throw plenty of paint at your opponent. The Freeway Anti-Jam keeps the loader from jamming and breaking balls, so you'll still be shooting while others are busy scraping paint. The new, matte black polycarbonate shell can withstand any hit and can easily fit 180 paintballs. The on board computer directs the sound-activated feeding and allows you to program the Motor Speed, Microphone Sensitivity and Feed Stack monitoring. But of course, with a name like Halo, you knew you'd be getting the ultimate in paintball loader technology. Put this loader on your marker and Invert will make a believer out of you Too.