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Planet Eclipse LV1.5 - Black

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Planet Eclipse LV1.5 Paintball Marker

Since its creation in 2004, the EGO has been a constant threat on the battle field. Whether you play scenario, woodland or top-level airball the platform has adapted and moved with the times to provide an incredible level of performance that never fails to impress.

As trends change and technologies improve it's the EGO's ability to adapt that inspires us to make the tweaks and upgrades that keep this incredible marker at the top of the poppet-valve pile. With a swooping angular styling package, complete with bespoke POPS body and bonnet milling, low-profile feed neck (with locking sprocket thumbwheel) and a blade-style trigger, the LV1.5 is as fresh as ever.

LV1.5 Features

  • Completely new sculpted body
  • Bespoke POPS assembly
  • Low-profile feed neck assembly
  • Blade trigger
  • Shaft 5 barrel back
  • Shaft Pro barrel tip
  • Includes two Rammer options