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VForce Profiler - 15th Anniversary Edition

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The celebration of 15 years of revolutionary products, the introduction of the V-Force Profiler set a new standard for design and features that have stood the test of time since their unveiling in 2004. 

To mark this milestone a very special release of extremely limited edition Profiler15 goggles have been produced, in total 200 pairs to pay homage to the legacy of this iconic brand.

Profiler15 Features/Addons:

  • - White/White Colorway
  • - Individually Numbered Gold Stamp (200 Worldwide Total Production)
  • - Gold Thermal HDR Lens
  • - Limited Edition Profiler15 Strap
  • - White Ear Retention Clips
  • - Certificate of Authenticity
  • - Custom Profiler15 Goggle Bag


The Profiler line the most diverse in the sport, allowing Players and Teams to match their masks to their style of play or team uniforms. VForce Vision Systems invites every Player to Choose Your Vision with the signature pro-level performance that has made the Profiler the choice of champions.


  • Unmatched Optical Superiority - VForce is legendary for precise, undistorted optical clarity throughout the entire lens surface, with no corner creases or blurred areas as found in some goggles. VForce's enhanced field of vision delivers unrivaled peripheral vision and an unrestricted view in every dimension across the entire gamescape.
  • Thermo-Cured Anti Fog- Long-term, fog-free play, event after event, without the worries of leaking dual-pane thermal lenses or scratch-prone inner lens membranes.
  • Unsurpassed Comfort - For long games or short, on hot days or cold, your Profiler won't be a headache. Play for pleasure. Pain becomes somebody else's problem.
  • World's Fastest Mask - VForce's legendary QuickChange (TM) Lens lets you switch to your tinted lens in moments, staying focused on the game, not the gear!