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DYE M3 Squid - "Classic" Polished Red/Black Fade [1/22] + M3s+ Eye Pipe/Noid Housing/Bolt Updates

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The return of the most iconic cut to ever grace the Matrix platform. Designed specifically for the Ironmen by legendary Aardvark Custom Paintball Products the total run of original Ironmen Entity markers was 17 markers (spanning 4 colors). Never publicly released the iconic mill pattern has served as the crown jewel of collections worldwide.

The Entity M3s is the result of a collaboration between DYE Labs and Boston Paintball, serving as the first custom milled non-team private label in nearly 13 years for DYE and the first DYE marker tuned by Boston Paintball. Beyond the stellar platform that the DYE M3s currently offers the Entity will push the limits for performance and luxury for the player that demands the perfect balance for styling and exclusivity.

DYE Entity M3s Specs
- 3D Contoured Iconic "Squid" Milling 
- Vintage Retro Matrix Badges
- Vintage Matrix Milled UL Backs
- Spare Tentacle "S" Trigger
- Retro Matrix LED Bootup Screen
- XCII Performance Tuning
- FL-21 "Red Bolt"
- Original Entity Polished Colorways
- Limited to 50 TOTAL MARKERS Worldwide Never to to reproduced.

The M3s is Performance Advanced. DYE’s M3s with MOSair is the pinnacle of performance and luxury. Based on the legendary DM series platform, the M3s has been meticulously deconstructed down to an elegant machine with uncompromised performance.

The all new FL-21 Bolt sets a new standard for dependability and performance. Designed to operate across the widest range of extreme conditions, the FL-21 bolt provides unmatched performance, without sacrificing reliability. Unique to the M3s,  dwell independence, and breech pressure insensitivity offer the user unequalled consistency, and the ability to shoot extremely fragile paint.  The FL-21 Bolt also delivers superior air efficiency, and shot quality with its ultra-low operating pressure.

The Hyper 6s Pro with coil spring, improved air dynamics, and simplified serviceability, breathes life into the M3s and FL-21 bolt. The 3rd gen Eye Pipe system, quick release bolt, and free wire connectors make service fast and effortless.

The MOSair OS system provides intuitive navigation and control over precision tuning and vital real time feedback. Features like an internal pressure sensor, multiple player profiles, high contrast play screens, power control options,  as well as Cable Free Charging, and wireless Air Sync are just a few examples of DYE’s commitment to innovation and the ultimate player experience.

True to DYE’s design theory, the M3s’s ergonomic design is unparalleled. The UL frame hourglass design, full wrap dual density Sticky Grips, Mag Reach Trigger, and ShiftPort ASA,  gives the player absolute comfort and control.

The sharp cosmetic lines that flow uninterrupted across the M3s’s lean body, and the nearly endless performance features make DYE’s superior craftsmanship unmistakable. With extraordinary performance and comfort, the M3s is the definition of luxury performance in paintball.