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DYE Performance Knee Pad

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LIGHTWEIGHT AIRPRENE BODY The lightweight airprene body providesa comfortable fit with ample circulation and ventilation. The back section ofthe knee pad has also been opened up to allow more venting, flexibility anda more comfortable fit.

DYE MICRO INJECTION LOGOS Micro injection logos complete thedesign in typical DYE fashion.

NEW ADJUSTABLE STRAP The new adjustable lower leg strap allowsyou to tighten the knee pad to your liking and helps to prevent the pad fromsliding down.

EVA HIGH DENSITY FOAM KNEE PADDING This EVA high density foamknee wraps around your knee for a more custom fit and offers more cushioningfor direct impacts.

OPEN-CELL FOAM High impact open-cell foam is extremely impactresistant and offers you a very high level of protection.

NEW SIDE PADDING Padding has been specifically added to the sidesof the knee pads. These individual pads help when sliding or crawling at differentangles.